The Tech Fair

From 12:00 noon to 8:00pm on April 5th, the CCES Robotics Club will host a Technology Fair to promote the study of technology. Attendees will be able to participate in a robot competition, play computer games, attend workshop sessions. They will be able to learn about Colleges programs, Corporations, and Professional Organizations useful to anyone pursuing a career in high tech fields. All highschool students from across Greenville are invited to attend.

While this is a family friendly event we are not equipped to supervise young children. All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Parents, teachers, and school administrators are also welcome.

Robot Competition

The feature event will be a one day only Robotics Competition open to newcomers with no prior robotics experience.

To participate, a mentor must create a team and members must join the team. The CCES Robotics club will loan all required equipment to the first six teams to register.

1:00-3:00 required training session
3:00-6:30 teams build robots/attend workshops/...
6:30-7:30 robot competition
7:30-8:00 awards announced

[Game Rules] [Robot Building Istructions]
Play Computer Games

We will have computer games set up most of the day: 12:00 noon through 7:30pm.

All games will be either E-rated (for Everyone) or T-rated (for Teens). No M-rated or A-rated games will be permitted.

Anyone wishing to play Minecraft should bring a laptop with charging cord. A Minecraft account is strongly recommended.

We will have computer Games including a LAN with a customized Minecraft server in the Lunch Room, Xbox games on a big screen with an amazing sound system and cozy couches in the Theatre room, and Wii games on a High Definition projector screen and speaker system in the Technology room.

Students Presenting Workshops

We will have students leading workshops on various topics 3:15-6:10. These workshops will include:

Drew Polstra - How to make mods for Minecraft,
Lots of people love Minecraft, and lots of those people love Minecraft mods. This presentation will introduce you to the creation of Minecraft mods for your very own, allowing you to add whatever you desire to the game, not just what other people have created for you to use. Taught by the creator of a popular Minecraft server, this presentation will introduce modding by way of Bukkit, a modding API for multiplayer server mods, and then proceed on to explain Minecraft Forge, an API for client mods. Knowledge of the Java programming language and a love of Minecraft are required.
David O'Brien - How to build a website with Dreamweaver
David O'Brien will teach you how to create a website in Dreamweaver. He will introduce the Dreamweaver interface, HTML and CSS. He will then demonstrate the creation of a minimal website. Resources for further study will be provided.
David O'Brien - How to do Digital Design with Photoshop
David O'Brien will introduce photoshop as used for photo editing and graphic design. He will present the Photoshop interface and tools. He will demonstrate some fun features of the program. If time permits there will be a question answer session at the end of the presentation.
Will Baur - How to build your own computer
Will Baur will discuss the inner workings of a desktop computer, how to purchase the components and build your own. By building your own computer you can customize every part to fit your needs. He will give tips for putting the pieces together, and good places to purchase them.
Michael Ott - How to create an iPhone app
Apps are used by many people every day. Since the rise of the smartphone, apps have become such a huge part in our daily lives. For my presentation, I will demonstrate the basics of how to create a simple iPhone app. To make this iPhone app I will use a program called Xcode which uses the programming language Objective-C. It is advised to download Xcode from the App Store ahead of time.
John Zhao - What it takes to participate on a FIRST Robotics Team.
Welcome to the world of engineering. For here, we are engineers, mathematicians, businessmen, and, above all, teammates. Here, as mere high school students, we are designing, building, wiring, and programming robots. 120 pound robots. 120 pound robots that climb obstacles, catch balls, shoot Frisbees, etc. all in the name of competitive and cooperative glory. Welcome to the world of FIRST.
Colleges Corporations and Professional Organizations

Colleges Corporations and Professional Organizations are eager to help promote the study of Computer Science.

Clemson, Furman, CSTA, ACM, FIRST, Glytec and more will have tables with representatives and printed materials to provide information and answer questions.