The Club

The CCES robotics club exists to provide students with the opportunity to learn critical skills needed for success in highly technical career fields.

Students work on a team to complete projects that involve design, fabrication, programming, and testing. They learn to envision things that don’t yet exits, and to cooperate with others while bringing those visions into existence. Building a functional robot requires skill in physics, electronics, logic/programming, communication, documentation and above all cooperation.

Our logo

Our logo was crafted in AutoCAD (engineering design software) to be visually pleasing while including symbolism that enshrines the principles and purpose of our organization.

The wrench in the hand of the robot is a symbol of technical ability and is held up to show an intention to go out into the world and use that ability to do good work. As an unashamed Christian organization we included a shield as a symbol of protective faith, character and values. The gears are mechanical components that do not work in isolation. The gears symbolize teamwork. The scale is a symbol of balance and justice. We try in all things to be well balanced and treat others as we would like to be treated. The ruler is a symbol of preparation and planning. Good things that are accomplished are not by random chance, but the direct result of careful analysis and determined effort.

The Class

Prerequisite: Any one of the following: Internet Applications, 3D Modeling and Animation, Introduction to Computer Science.

Unit of Credit: 1

The class will meet Monday thru Friday during regular class period. This spring semester as a class project we will attempt to build our own 3D-Printer. We will use RepRap as a resource.

Greatest Contribution award

Each year this award is given to members who display critical technical ability in fields of Design, Fabrication, Programmming, Quality Control, Electronics, Communication, and Documentation.
Each year it is given to members who display critical character traits of Cooperation, Dedication, Determination, Enthusiasm, Honesty, Integrity, and Teamwork.
It is given to students who show two years of commitment to CCES Robotics and show potential to continue in a related field in college.